Repair and maintenance for office equipment


Haharina Ave. 24
 Krivoy Rog


  (067) 133 0899 
  (097) 035 4334

Qualified repair and service of computer equipment provided by our company each client. Probably as a long-term partnership with a big company or a one-time work for a private client. In most cases for configuration and setup of computers, our employees go to the customer and to perform particularly difficult work, we take away the computer for the purpose of adjusting to our service center.If you do not have enough free time or simply do not want to carry your computer for repair to service center, please call our dispatcher

by phone (067) 690 0157 and describe the problem.

The period during which a computer after a liquid contact would be restored depends on the variety of the liquid. Your independent attempts to eliminate the contact of liquid results in the equipment, a hairdryer to dry it or putting on the battery, rather just will not stop corrosion conductors on the motherboard or keyboard. For purification, this is necessary to use special tools.

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